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Erin Lang Masercola, PhD, CPC first started writing about health care reimbursement and compliance about 10 years ago, after stints as a college English teacher and molecular biology textbook writer. In 2002 she mustered up the courage to take her CPC exam, and barely squeaked by with a 72% passing grade. She prefers to write about coding and coders rather than actually coding herself.

Most recently, Erin’s been working on developing supercoder, as well as writing for sites such as Coding News, Health Care Compliance Essentials & HIT News. She’s lucky to have a job that lets her work from her North Carolina home because she’s mom to four boys ages 5 thru 12. She’s looking for a female dog to adopt.

Jennifer Godreau, BA, CPC, CPEDC, came to coding in 2001. Fortunately, her intro to CPT and ICD-9 wasn’t as tragic as the second week of her training when news of 9-11 broke. While raising two daughters and squeezing in hubby and Southwest Florida boating time, she’s covered the primary care specialties, as well as ENT and pulmonology.

Pediatrics and audiology remain Jennifer’s true calling. Not surprising since she recalls being toted around as a young child to her sister’s audiology and speech therapy sessions. (Jen’s sister’s had a severe hearing loss since birth.) And having a friend who became deaf from meningitis has made her a big proponent of vaccinations — moms who question these vaccines won’t get a sympathetic ear from her!

As managing editor at The Coding Institute, most coding pubs come Jen’s way. She enjoys sharing ideas on what coders and physicians need to know — and helping other writers give you the scoop.

Deborah Dorton, JD, MA, CPC, jumped into coding to take a role in the always changing compliance world. A previous job as a tech at a huge eye-care practice showed her the importance of team communication … as well as how truly underappreciated some of those team members are. (A trained monkey could not have done that job, no matter what that doctor said!) Her time working with radiology, cardiology, and oncology have given her the utmost respect for coders willing to tackle interventional procedures, multi-drug infusions, and the hodge-podge of ordering and documentation rules.

When she isn’t studying the latest rules and regulations, you’ll find Deborah walking the world’s four most extraordinary dogs, trying new vegan recipes, or taking on the next in a never ending list of home improvement projects. Personal motto: “Don’t worry: Caulk will cover that.”

Illustration: Arthur Sarkiss

Illustration: Arthur Sarkiss

Amy Palermo is the human resources and career development specialist at My Coding Career. As executive editor of Successful Supervisor, Teamwork, and Customers First, Amy specializes in building team morale, motivating employees, promoting effective communication, and managing cross-cultural teams.

Like many of us, Amy’s own career has evolved over the years in ways she never would have predicted. After graduating from Rochester Institute of Technology with a bachelors of Fine Arts in Illustration degree, she worked as a graphic designer and wrote how-to publications for other graphic designers. In addition to her passion for writing, she harbors an intense passion for color and painting.

Kara Hiltz, MA is the executive development editor for Eli Journals’ Microsoft Office publications, including Inside Microsoft Excel, Inside Microsoft Word, Inside Microsoft Office, and Inside Microsoft PowerPoint. She also serves as the content editor for the Office Skills Society blog, which provides workplace tips and advice for business professionals.

Whether through efficient spreadsheets or social media, she continually strives to help business pros in every field use technology to make their jobs easier. Kara holds a Master’s degree in twentieth-century literature from Goldsmiths College in London